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Free and subscription online pre-algebra and algebra course. It is like having your own private math teacher or tutor, but with interactive lessons you access whenever you are ready. Take a moment to look around. Check out our demo lessons to see how it works. See the information below on two Mathops options.



Mathops now offers Free lessons, quizzes, videos, and worksheets.

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The Mathops team wants to be able to help all students learn. Steaming good quality video on the web is expensive. We have teamed with an advertising company with a teen channel. Our free lessons are partially funded by their “teen friendly” advertising. Each video has a short 15-20 second advertisement in front of it. If you have any comments about the advertising on our site, please contact us.

The lessons contain the same content as our pay per use service.

Click on the free lessons link above to get started.

We hope you will enjoy our service!





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Mathops is available without advertising. A one year subscription is just 39.95.

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Please use our free service as you see fit. If you would prefer to use our non-sponsored service please contact us for discounted pricing options.

Some of the ways you can use Mathops are:

  • Take students to the computer lab for new or review instruction (have them take notes).
  • View our online tutorials as a whole class (or click on audio to hear it read to your students).
  • Watch an algebra video done by our Mathops students or a math teacher.
  • Use the online practice questions as daily warm-ups, for whole class review, or for instruction.
  • Access and print worksheets (most have cross curricular ties).
  • Use a computer in your classroom with Mathops available for students who were absent or need more instruction.
  • Let Mathops teach while you're away. Leave a Mathops lesson for a substitute.
  • Challenge students who are capable of moving beyond their current curriculum. It is like having a private tutor with a wide selection of basic and advanced algebra and pre-algebra math lessons.

You might also consider using Mathops for your high school online learning experience or for credit recovery.

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The program is designed to mimic or supplement the classroom experience. Students first read a math tutorial or listen to our students and teachers read it to them. They then link to a visual tutorial in which a teacher or a fellow student shows how to solve a math problem. A practice quiz gives students immediate feedback on their understanding. Math worksheets provide extra practice and supplemental learning. Absent students, and students who may have been mentally 'absent' in class, now have something to fall back on.







We welcome your comments and suggestions. We will do our best to answer questions within 24 hours.

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Please see our FAQ and System Requirements to insure that your computer system is compatible with Mathops.

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