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You Can't Miss with MATHOPS!
MATHOPS was designed to ensure you get what you need in Algebra instruction. These four free demo lessons will give you a chance to see how our system works. The lessons on midterm grades and computing grade point average will be on our demo page for a limited time.

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You can preview any of the four lessons below.
Each of the four lessons consists of a multipage "Step by Step Lesson" with audio.
The last page of the "Step by Step" links you to both a live action video
and an interactive quiz.


The basic math needed to succeed in algebra:
Free Demo Lesson on the Order of Operations

Mathops handles the tough concepts:
Free Demo Lesson on Rational Functions

Lessons students will use in their lives today:
Free Demo Lesson on Calculating the Grade You Need to Get on a Midterm or Final

Mathops uses real world situations: Free Demo Lesson on Creating Scatter Plots
(This lesson makes a great introduction to a class project.)

Many Mathops lessons include worksheets: See a Sample Worksheet

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