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Watch the movie above to see how the MathOps experience works. Then try any of the four free demo lessons below. You may choose to use our free sponsored lessons or sign up for a yearly non-sponsered membership without advertising.


You can preview any of the four lessons below.
Each of the four lessons consists of a multipage "Step by Step Lesson" with audio.
The last page of the "Step by Step" links you to both a live action video
and an interactive quiz.


Mathops handles the basics of algebra:
Free Demo Lesson on Counting Slope on a Graph

Mathops handles the tough concepts:
Free Demo Lesson on Rational Functions

Lessons students will use in their lives today:
Free Demo Lesson on Calculating the Grade You Need to Get on a Midterm or Final

Mathops uses real world situations: Free Demo Lesson on Creating Scatter Plots
(This lesson makes a great introduction to a class project.)

Many Mathops lessons include worksheets: See a Sample Worksheet

We hope you'll agree that Mathops' varied approach can help you, or your students, succeed. Our algebra and pre-algebra lessons are designed to mimic and/or supplement the classroom experience. Students first read a step by step multipage lesson, or they can hear it read to them by one of our fellow students or a math teacher. After the step by step lesson, the student can link to a live action video where the Mathops fellow students show how to solve the problem. Next, an interactive quiz tests the students knowledge. Finally, most of our lessons also have teachers’ resources including worksheets and pre or post-tests. Not all of our lessons include all 4 features. Depending on the subject matter, some have lessons less and some have more.

We hope you enjoy your Mathops experience.

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